Makes Good Scents

Welcome to the Dragon's Eye Premium Incense website!

After spending five years in the fragrance industry, Mark Leanza created Makes Good Scents in 2005 and has been producing some of the finest incense for well-known incense companies ever since. In 2009, he developed his own brand of incense, Dragon’s Eye. Since then, Dragon’s Eye has taken on a life of its own. Through the years Dragon’s Eye and its sister brand Scented Sensations have rightly earned name recognition as high-quality hand-dipped incense. All of our incense is made with some of the finest essential oils from around the world and uncut, aromatherapy-grade, skin-safe fragrance oils of the highest quality, carefully blended to produce the finest line of incense, made right here in the USA.

Our incense is hand-dipped and made in small batches, sometimes on the day it is ordered, to maintain the freshest quality. You will not have backordered or out of stock items with us.

We recommend that everyone take the burn test. Pick any other dipped incense and light it, before blowing out the flame look at the smoke. Dragon’s Eye smoke is white, clean, and free from soot. Most other brands will have black smoke that sticks to walls and other surfaces.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!
Mark Leanza, Owner
Makes Good Scents